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With all the fresh plot twists in Westworld Season 2, a lot of fan theories have developed surrounding the mysterious Man in Black. After all, confusing timelines and simulations aside, this season of Westworld has provided plenty of fodder for theories.

One of the biggest talking points of Westworld Season 2 has been the Man in Black. The show has delved deep into the history of William, exploring his rise to power at Delos in detail – he planned on using the park as a data center gathered from the guests’ experiences (think Facebook ) – but also put him on an intriguing path in the present; he is the central player in Ford’s new narrative ” The Door ” and recently was reintroduced to his daughter Emily.

Thanks to Season 1’s multiple timeline twist, the Man in Black has always been at the center of fan speculation, but with Season 2 Westworld has only increased it, with a host of crazy ideas about what’s really going on. Here are some of the best.

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  • In the episode “Riddle of the Sphinx”, the idea of “cognitive plateau” was introduced during the scene between the William and James Delos. It was revealed that Delos was trying to achieve immortality by planting James Delos’ consciousness into a host body after his death. However, after 149 iterations, full consciousness was never achieved because his mind couldn’t accept the reality that he wasn’t human. Eventually, his mind started to degrade.

    One of the most popular theories since the beginning of Westworld revolves around the Man in Black being a host, and this new introduction may explain the narrative. As his narrative progresses through Season 2, William is seen interacting with Ford through the some of the hosts. It’s possible that Ford is allowing William to play this game as a way to discover his own consciousness. This is occurring during the host rebellion, and William is not concerned about what is happening in the park: The Man in Black could be playing out Ford’s narrative. Once he achieves consciousness, he may either decide to help the hosts or protect the humans.

    During “Phase Space”, the Man in Black has a heart-to-heart conversation with his estranged daughter Emily . Some fans believe that in this conversation the Man in Black showed signs of reaching his own plateau; when he asked Emily about her fear of the elephants in The Raj, she quickly corrected him by saying it was her mother. The puzzled look on his face due to his confusion was reminiscent of his fidelity test with James Delos.

    In Westworld the show, the blending between human and host is at the center of the story. In the first episode, everyone believed Teddy was a guest riding the train into the park. It’s thus possible that the Man in Black has been a host this entire time. As if the audience was riding next to him as he traveled around the park.

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  • Even if the Man in Black isn’t a host, it might still be possible for his daughter to be a robot. A theory that has existed since her introduction, this line of thinking stems from her discussions with her father in “Phase Space”. When she rides up along side him, he ignores her and thinks she’s a host sent by Ford. Why would he think this after not seeing her in such a long time?

    Back in Season 1, the Man in Black told Teddy about his wife taking her own life due to an overdose from pills, yet during “Riddle of the Sphinx”, the Man in Black has a flashback of someone drowning in a bathtub. It was never shown who was in the tub. One dark theory suggests that the person in tub was not his wife, but his daughter Emily. It’s even been extended that Emily is one of the first human-host hybrids created by Ford.


    However, this theory doesn’t make sense when it comes to the development of the Man in Black’s character. Everything about William is about how the park shaped him into the person his is. Emily represents someone in his life who is free of that influence. If anything, she’s there to help him remember that there is life beyond Westworld. Ford told William that he needs to look back in order to move forward; for Emily to be a host, this means William is still looking forward.