Russell Westbrook
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NBA trainers don’t always get to share the limelight with the players. We don’t know much about them. We just assume that they’re always there to lend support for the players, motivate them through words, and help them out in their drills — behaving like a trainer should.

Yet the following clip featuring Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder trainers show that they also know how to fool around.

Westbrook’s pre-game routine involves draining a three from out of bounds at a slight angle behind the ring. In this particular instance, the trainers offered a challenge: move a bit further to the left. At first, Westbrook was having nothing of it. But eventually, he succumbed.

The results, however, were in favor of the trainers. Westbrook didn’t drain a shot until his fifth try. With every miss, the trainers cheered and teased the reigning MVP. They even did a jump and bump celebration to Westbrook’s chagrin.

But it didn’t stop there. The whole ritual seemed to be a nightmare for Westbrook during that instance. After draining the shot, he would usually run off to the locker room as quickly as he can. But as observed in the video, a camera guy was blocking his way.

Hopefully, their game against the Golden State Warriors will turn in his favor. He will meet up with former teammate Kevin Durant once again. Their relationship is free from drama. Yet Westbrook has a tumultuous past with the Warriors. Whenever he plays against them, he plays with an extra fury. Hopefully, the nightmare of a pregame ritual is behind him by then.