Mark Wahlberg says he sees Bill Belichick in Celtics coach Brad Stevens
Mark Wahlberg says he sees Bill Belichick in Celtics coach Brad Stevens / Clutch Points

If Mark Wahlberg shouts the words, it must be true. This is especially the case for every Bostonian walking God’s green New England region.

Now, the man formerly known as Marky Mark has introduced a new chapter to the Bostonian Sports Gospel, courtesy of the folks at TMZ who caught up with Wahlberg while he was strolling and chatting on his cell phone.

At first glance, it appeared as though this specific TMZ encounter would be heading nowhere. The most famous Wahlberg exited a building fully intent on continuing the conversation he had going on his phone.

Once the talk of Boston sports reared its head, Wahlberg took notice.

“You know, that’s a very very good comparison,”

Wahlberg uttered in response to the question of whether or not Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens is the new Bill Belichick of Boston.

Wahlberg continued.

“He’s (Belichick) got a good five championships, but you know what, he’s (Stevens) looking very good.”

“They gotta get past Lebron first,”

Wahlberg replied when asked what it would take for the Celtics to get past the (Golden State) Warriors.

“We’re (Celtics) gonna control the east for a long time.”

Wahlberg is no stranger to Boston sports. He’s routinely sat in the press box with Robert Kraft at Patriots game, namely Super Bowls (as recently as the team’s Super Bowl 52 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles).

Stevens and the Celtics currently lead the Eastern Conference Finals over the aforementioned LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers by a count of 2-0—despite crippling injuries to the squad’s top two stars (Kyrie Irving, Gorden Hayward).

Only time will tell whether or not this Mark Wahlberg entry to the Bostonian Sports Gospel holds true.