Tristan Thompson & LeBron James
Tristan Thompson & LeBron James / REX/Shutterstock

Tristan Thompson has A LOT on his plate, and with the Finals here he’s feeling stressed. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on why he’s leaning on LeBron James for support on the court and in his personal life!

Tristan Thompson and LeBron James are more than teammates, they’re friends. After all Tristan’s been through with his alleged cheating scandal and new baby True Thompson with Khloe Kardashian, he needs LeBron now more than ever. “Tristan is leaning on LeBron as they head into the finals. Tristan is physically and emotionally drained after an exhausting season on and off the court. Tristan has been looking to LeBron, as the leader of the Cleveland Cavaliers, for guidance, advice, and support as they begin the Finals against the Golden State Warriors,” a source close to Tristan tells James News EXCLUSIVELY. Sounds pretty hectic, right? And it’s about get even crazier as their first game is today, May 31.

“Tristan has a healthy fear of the Warriors and is hoping with LeBron’s help, the Cavs don’t get embarrassed in this series. The stakes are high for Tristan too. He doesn’t know his future in the NBA, and where he may play next season. It all rides a lot on how he performs in these finals,” the source continued. “Tristan feels that he must play well in the Finals, and he knows he can only do that with a lot of help from LeBron,” our insider added.

Luckily for Tristan, LeBron’s got his back. “At first LeBron was furious at Tristan over the cheating scandal, he saw what a negative impact it was having on his game, and on the Cavs performance as a whole. LeBron is trying to be as supportive of Tristan as possible, they’ve had a lot of rivalry in the past, but he’s doing his best to put it all aside for the sake of the team. The Cavs are like family,” another source explained to HL. Well, we wish the Cavs the best of luck! Tune into Game 1 tonight!