Luxury Hotels
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Here are the most luxurious hotels in the world, where everything is, how they look, what their name is and how much they are worth. How they were created and with which legends are they connected, for which guests are they intended and what content are all offered?


The synonyms for luxury are gold, vigorously high prices, expensive hedonism and all that almost every person imagines, but rarely experienced. There are hotels that will make you want to at least be a Sheik, Tycoon or Hollywood star for one day.


According to the main sheikh: Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace
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The most expensive hotel ever built is the Emirates Palace located in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and worth about three trillion dollars.

In its possession, there are 394 apartments and 40 conference rooms, white sand beach, countless pools and fountains, a luxurious spa center, over 1000 crystal chandeliers and thirteen kinds of marble imported from various countries.

Hotel Emirates Palace is reminiscent of a gilded fort where everything is in the form of hedonism. The hotel can also boast the most developed port in the Middle East.

Interior: Emirates Palace
Interior: Emirates Palace

If you are a guest, you are offered three excursions by private plane – the first trip to Iran, the second to the Dead Sea, and the third trip to Bahrain Island for the collection of pearls from the bottom of the sea.

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You can hang out with the royal family, you will be showered with perfumes, rare pearls and gifts from Holland and Holland Sporting guns.

The royal family, and all those who feel that way, the only thing they need to do is leave them with the beauty of the interior and tasting top quality specialties and drinks. At this hotel, cakes are made of gold.


Largest pool: Mardan Palace

Мardan Palacе
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In the tourist town of Antalya (Turkey) there is an exclusive hotel Mardan Palace built by a Russian billionaire. This hotel is famous for its largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean, with about 1000 people.

Right from Egypt, the 9000 tonnes of fine sand from which an artificial beach is made, each year changing the location, is worn out.

Batlers are available to guests 24 hours a day. Associated plates and courts are worth about $ 3 million. Chocolate fountain is located in the middle of one of the eleven restaurants.

Apartments in Mardan Palace
Apartments in Mardan Palace

Luxurious apartments whose walls are decorated with gilded motifs of leaves, crystals and Italian marble on all sides, a spa center and a huge tank full of exotic fish make the hotel luxurious and worth every paid dollar.


VIP hotel: Burj Al Arab

VIP hotel: Burj Al Arab
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In Dubai, a fascinating core-shaped hotel on the artificially built island is Burj Al Arab.

No hotels were as photographed as Burj Al Arab.

All rooms at the hotel are luxury apartments on two floors. Each room has its own story, when the colorful interior is in question, and a beautiful view from the window. The interior of the hotel is decorated with about 1,790 square meters of pure gold.

During their stay, guests have at their disposal Apple phones and computers, Rolls Royce cars and butlers who don’t sleep.

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The hotel has a rich night life, as well as a large number of futuristically decorated dining rooms.

For a stay at this hotel it is necessary to allocate $ 1000 (for the cheapest apartment) to $ 28000 (for the Royal Suite).


Collect Paradise in the Bahamas: Atlantis Paradise

Bahamas: Atlantis Paradise
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The Bahamas are the financial, cultural and tourist capital of the Caribbean Islands, which have not completely choked the sailor Kolumba.

Until 1962, it was one of the most beautiful Bahamas islands. The Paradise Island was uninhabited, with the massive construction of expensive villas, which ultimately reunited literally into one hotel – Atlantis Paradise.

Sliding with sharks
Sliding with sharks

This hotel has a large aquarium with fish species characteristic of the Atlantic Ocean and a clear slide, for a quick descent, around which sharks are swimming.

Shops of all famous and recognized brands can be found in the complex of the hotel as well as a pier promenade filled with jewelry, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops. There are also anchored yachts that are breathless.


The Hotel With The Savor Of Sin: The Las Vegas Palms

The Las Vegas Palms
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It’s hard to distinguish the best and most expensive hotel in a magnificent city like Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Palms is on many of the world’s most exclusive hotels and not entirely by chance. On the roof of this hotel guests can enjoy waving in a large Jacuzzi with Playboy bunnies, with a view of the frightfully lit city of sin.

Playboy Jacuzzi
Playboy Jacuzzi

At the Palms Hotel it is possible to afford yourself a short luxury identical to that of the famous Hugh Hefner. Private glass elevators, rotating beds, gymnasiums, saunas, bars, intimate cinemas are available.

In addition to the two apartments at the top of the hotel, the search for others is done according to the following division – erotic, director, pink, VIP, royal, pentahouse, wood, inspired by the real world.

Of course, the casino is the core of the Palms Hotel.


European Shield

Roman luxury
Roman luxury

Built in 1906, The Westin Excelsior Hotel in Rome is one of the hottest in Europe.

For the restoration of one apartment (Villa la Cupola), $ 7 million has recently been spent. The apartment is located on two floors and is the largest in Italy.

Who can afford this huge room, also gets a private fitness gym, sauna, jacuzzi, dining room and a view of a hand-painted ceiling in the shape of a dome.

The style of this hotel is based on a Renaissance style and high-tech connection.


Morning coffee with George Clooney

Mexican Paradise
Mexican Paradise

In the city of Los Cabos (Mexico), on a steep coast that savage waves strike, there is a costly hotel pearl – Secrets Marquis.

Beautiful and orderly sculptures, massive artificial waterfalls, spectacular swimming pools and spa centers that meet the demands of the most sophisticated, make the complex of hotels irresistible for those with a deeper pocket.

Each room has a private balcony overlooking the ocean and, for example, massive migration of whales. Some of the apartments have their own private pool, which affects the cost of renting it.

Secret Marquise is a hotel mainly hosted by high-ranking political officials. Probably wanting to boast that they were lying beside the villa by actor George Clooney.

If you find out that you are the heir of the estate some of the aunts of aunt, or you get on the lotus, these are hotels in which you have to spend the night. Anyone to choose, first provide travel health insurance, whether you are traveling to another continent or Europe.