Dance is the way of life
Dance is the way of life

Find out what kind of best and most useful dances exist, which modern dances are the most attractive for health. What is dancing and why is it good to dance recreational or train, when is it best to start with a dance such as Salsa, Bacat, Kizomba, Tango, Dancing Dance or Ballet?

Dance positively affects both the body, the spirit and the mind. Physically, a better tonus of muscles, body holding, balance and coordination of the movement are achieved, the circulation improves and accelerates the work of the cardiovascular system. Here’s why to choose one of these dance directions.

What is dance?


Dance is the song of the body
Dance is the song of the body


Dance is a form of performing art originated from a human movement that has an aesthetic character and within the culture has a symbolic value.

Dance is in the world and we have a very popular and widespread type of art. The dance with us has a social character in the sense of socializing and socialization, so it remains a part of the Serbian folklore.

In dance it is very important that we have the ability to be spontaneous and play. This ability needs to be nurtured and developed. Without it, we would not be able to discover something new about ourselves, nor to learn and change ourselves.


Why is it good to dance?

Dance is energy!
Dance is energy!

Dance enriches life and brings joy, and every person should engage in dancing.

In essence, dance is part of general education, and health is sporting activity. It is also useful when removing deformities. Intellectual dance enhances the ability of memory, develops creativity and a desire for new knowledge.

The dance is a feeling for a good, and the dancers learn good manners and a culture of communication, in addition to gaining great self-confidence. Dance creates a sense of physical and psychological relaxation, preserves optimism, improves interpersonal communication and creates the basis for success in other sporting disciplines, because there is a great variety of movement.

Dance accelerates the secretion of the glands that affect people to be happy. So, practicing a dancing is actually practicing how to be happy.


Dance and real tips for relaxing the game

How many times have you missed some nice moments in your life because you could not be encouraged, relaxed, and freely dance?

Do you like to play, but are ashamed of your body and your movements, do so in the least light corner of the club or just in your room in front of the mirror and never before the eyes of the public? Maybe you used to want to learn to play but do not like to follow the pre-defined dance steps?

If your answers to these questions are affirmative, then the story is following for you. This is an instruction how to wake the dancer inside of you. Yes, he is here in you and just waiting for your encouragement!

How much it is actually wonderful and easy to dance, and even if we have two left legs, as people usually say. It’s great to rest and meditate on the move, explore your movements, get to know your body, and eventually look for a chance to sneeze.


What are the best and most beautiful dances?

Different perspective
Different perspective

Latin dances such as Rumba, Samba, Cha cha, Jiva, Pasodoble, Salsa, Merenge, Bacat … Standard dances such as English Waltz, Vienna Waltz, Quik Step, Slou Fox, Tango. In the last five years, Zumba, Kizomba, Disco Dance, Hip Hop Dance, etc. are taught.

All these dances are the best and most beneficial to your health


When is it best to start dancing?

Age are just a number
Age are just a number

There are no age categories, everyone can dancing regardless of age, physical limitations or skills, and mental and emotional blockages that we put ourselves on. Even if we are barely moving or maybe we can not move at all, I believe that we can still dance, even if it is not visible from the outside.

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All that limits us most to relax and let the dance we are ourselves, our thoughts and preconceptions.


Dance training, why not!

People around the world enjoy watching top dancers during their performances. Show programs like “Dance with the Stars” really “made” the world to become much more interested in various types of dances.

Of course it’s always good to watch others dance, but why not just get up from your couch or armchair and start dancing. In your immediate vicinity, there is surely at least one dance studio where you can enroll and start practicing a dance.

Lately, dances like Salsa, Bacat, Argentine Tango are popular.

Any dancing to choose, you chose the best and most useful for your health. Whether it will be some of Latin American dances, hip hop dancing or social dance, for the beginning it does not matter.

The most popular types of dances and games

What kinds of modern dances exist and which all kinds of dance exist in general.

What classic dance or standard dance will become your passion?


1. Salsa

Salsa = Spirit

Salsa is above all a very nice and interesting dance, which can be slower and more energetic at the pace, extremely attractive and erotic in the way of dancing. Although there are many figures, combinations and possibilities, it is still quite easy to learn and does not require any prior knowledge of dance.

What’s more, after several learned figures, “newlywed” salseros can be greatly entertained by dancing Salsa, especially because it does not require a lot of space and is ideal for parties and crowds.

She is one of the rare dances that looks equally beautiful when playing with a partner, in a group of several couples with a unique choreography (ruda or circle), but also individually in the group (linen salsa).


Emotion and passion are so dense in the air that you can cut them off with a knife. However, one dance is especially characteristic of this – Bachata.


2. Bachata

Bachata = Passion

Because of its increasing popularity, Bachata has been singled out as a special course. Bachata is a sensual, sensual and romantic dance that dances with the same name music. The theme of Bachate is often romantic, especially frequent themes of sadness and love.

Bachata is sometimes called the Blues of the Dominican Republic. It was created under the influence of Cuban Bolero.

Tempo: slow, usually about 30 tactics per minute.

Tact: 4/4, 4 strokes in a clock.

The Bachata’s dance moves are trimmed in one direction and moving by the side. Then steps are repeated in the opposite direction. The hard part is the proper movement of the body. To dance to Bachat, you need to run your hips.

Dance Counting: Slow, slow, slow, touch.

There are several styles – Dominican, traditional, modern and bachatango. Through the bachate classes you will also get acquainted with the elements of other dances, such as kissing and tango.

3. Kizomba

Kizomba = Intimacy

This is a dance that represents a special experience, because very close contact, guidance and monitoring make it an unusual communication between partners. Special connection and intimacy. The dance is very sensual and is characterized by a slight wavy and slow movement of the body.

Thanks to the communities of emigrants who gathered in Portugal and founded their clubs, the costumes spread rapidly throughout Portugal, and hence throughout Europe. She arrived here four years ago.

4. Tango

Tango = Closeness

Tango is the only standard dance of Latin-American origin. In style, it is very different from other standard dances. In the basic movement there is no lift and lowering. His rhythm is disconnected and dynamic. Characteristic are energetic, progressive movements that shift with tense breaks.

The dance is full of contradictions, in addition to its firmness, it has also retained enormous softness and tenderness. It’s a very intimate dance. Filled with strong emotions, in addition to the basic story of the relationship between a man and a woman, in his most perfect form, the tango speaks of life and death. Today, it is often characterized by the phrase “sad dance that is dancing”.

5. Belly dance

Belly Dance
Belly Dance = Alive dance

A belly dancing or oriental dance is becoming a more popular type of dance every day. In countries of its origin, it is danced by girls and boys from the slight imitation of adult dance at social events such as weddings.

In addition to being fun, with abdominal dancing, you will improve your health, keep you burning excess calories.

Abdominal dancing is an excellent way of maintaining health. Dance is a remarkable cardio vascular exercise, which we become more flexible and gain physical strength. In time, we strengthen the muscles of the whole body. For example. In abdominal dance, we must always use our hands, which are usually in an elevated position, which affects the shaping of the muscles of the arm.

Proper posture is very important not only for physical appearance, but also for health reasons. A dentist dance is an ideal way to correct the spine. Proper dancing is what each dance instructor should tell his students at the very beginning.

When it comes to dancing, it is necessary to have a proper body holding, which reduces the possibility of injury and improves the performance of abdominal dancing.

Different children can often be futile. One of the best ways to lose weight is with a belly dance. Abdominal dancing gives us the chance of losing up to 300 calories within one hour.

Of course, the weight of the weight depends on the intensity of the dancing. Without a doubt, with the correct and varied diet you will lose more pounds than you think you can.

The dentist’s dance works to increase self-confidence. When we dance, we use all parts of the body, which strengthen the muscles and shape our body. Our body becomes more beautiful over time, which significantly increases the level of self-confidence.

A belly dancing requires a feminine way of movement, and a sense of femininity in us arouses. Dance with velvet requires a high level of femininity with the help of which we express the elements of tenderness and grace.

It has been proven that women who engage in abdominal dancing become more feminine than other sexually transmitted females over time.

It has been proven that abdominal dance positively affects the reduction of PMS. Thanks to the abdominal dance, many girls have less painful mentoring. Eight and wave movements greatly stimulate the circulation of the lower part of the stomach and establish a harmonic balance, thus reducing the symptoms of PMS. Particularly important is the role of proper breathing in dancing that works calming on our body during the PMS period.

Dance is the ideal way to maintain your body shape during and after pregnancy.


6. Ballet

Ballet = Sophistication

The ballet is an example of a technique that has developed a code of gestures that are used in choreography to describe the action, as the dancers will not describe verbally. Through years of experience, the audience learned what the movement means because they would repeat themselves, like those who describe death, broken heart, or epic disappointment.

The moment when the movement goal has no symbolic meaning, it opens up opportunities that allow interested parties to explore all its aspects.

Articulation, precision and choreography have their own irritation. We just make dance. In this process of creation, our self-confidence grows. There is also a very important principle of improvisation, which particularly affects the development of our creativity.

It’s very important to try, give yourself a pirlik, and if you are not at the beginning relaxed and feel tired, tired, dissatisfied and sure that after an hour of joking, you will be like a new one and feel great.

It’s also valuable when someone succeeds in integrating some new and different quality into their dance. For example, if a man first identifies how he can move gently and feminine and thus does not endanger his masculinity, he will enrich it.

Here are some other reasons why it’s still good to dance:

  1. While dancing you burn 100-400 calories per hour
  2. Increases durability
  3. Slows the flow of blood
  4. Increases lung capacity
  5. Improves circulation
  6. It slows down the abnormal lesions of the bone
  7. Strengthens the bones
  8. It increases the flexibility of the joints
  9. It gives a nice tonus of muscles without any supplements
  10. Improves coordination, balance, mood, and reduces response times
  11. Improves holding
  12. Improves the functioning of internal organs
  13. Improves mental health
  14. It reduces stress and depression
  15. Eliminates insomnia and increases endurance
  16. Increases the ability to fit into society
  17. Increases self confidence
  18. The dancers are more open and make friends more easily
  19. By dancing, you get new insights into the appropriate behavior within a society, and with this advantage you can even find your partner with ease.

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