Where to ask your girl to marry you?

One of the best ways to ask your girlfriend to marry you today is at a particular destination. It does not have to be a distant exotic destination like a movie, but it’s enough to meet somewhere in Europe. No matter how much your budget is, there is always an interesting and affordable destination where you can surprise your girls.


Destination selection can be difficult and demanding, but here are some suggestions for your unforgettable moments, engagement from dreams.

1. The biggest number of engagements in Paris

Paris is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. If you’ve been thinking about perfect faith, then the city of light is the ideal solution.

Why Paris? In addition to famous buildings, parks, avenues, there are places that can make your engagement unforgettable. Some of the most beautiful places in the city are: Eiffel Tower,The Avenue des Champs-Élysées – the most famous avenue in Paris, Disabled Palace, Defans – a quarter of modern architecture, bridges on the Seine – one of them is the “Bridge of Love” where you can hook up your ” “.

In addition to these, there are places outside of the city, such as Versailles, which served as the city of kings, as well as Monmartr, which is the center of artistic and bohemian life.

If you want your girlfriend to feel like a fairy princess, you can make her unforgettable in Disneyland.

2. The paths of love to water in Rome

All roads lead to Rome! The capital of Italy, which is still called the eternal city, is one of the most visited cities. Rome is also considered the most romantic place in Italy.

Some of the most popular places to warm up your girl are: Fontana di Trevi – in which you have to throw a coat over your shoulder because the legend says you will return to Rome with a loved one, Spanish Stairs, Coliseum, Capitol.

In addition to these places, you can simply go for a walk with small, rustic alleyways that can be equally romantic.

3. Romantic engagements in Verona

Verona: City of love
Verona: City of love

A city that is also called “The City of Romance” is the perfect place for your girlfriend to say fatefully!

This name was given to Verona because she was the scene of the Shakespeare drama “Romeo and Juliet”. Because of this, there are also many places that are considered romantic in the city.

Perhaps the best place on which you could play a major role in your life is just Julia’s house, where her famous balcony is located.

Do not forget to touch the right breast of the bronze statue of Julius, because it will bring happiness to you in love, but also to write your names on paper and stick to the wall!

Some other interesting places are: Arena Verone, Erbe square, as well as the Kastalvekio bridge.


4. After an announcement from Venice, he is full of emotions

City of Bridges“, “Queen of the Adriatic“, “City of Water“. Whatever it is called, Venice is the main tourist attraction in northeastern Italy. In the city you can enjoy beautiful architecture, restaurants, museums and galleries.

Numerous places are full of emotions and romance, but only some of them will not be touched. Driving a gondola is perhaps one of the most romantic ways to make a ride.

In addition to getting to most of the streets in Venice, you will also have an unforgettable view of the Channel Grande. St. Mark’s Square can be another nice place where fateful daughters will be uttered.

There are also the Santa Maria Church of the Salute, the Palace of the Doge, the famous bridge of sigh. What can also be interesting in this city is a carnival when everyone is under masks.

If Venice is romantic and gives an impression to everyone, it is also proof that most of the famous people decide to start their life journey right here.


5. How to ask a girl to marry you in Amsterdam?

If you are a fan of architecture, art, antique alleyways, bridges, then it is the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands or as it is called “Northern Venice” the right place for you.

In Amsterdam, you will feel as if the weather stopped, as if you were in the 17th century, which is known as the Golden Age. But on the other hand is the capital of modern art.

The places that will leave you breathless and which may be ideal for your request are infinite, but here are some suggestions: Jordan Quarter, Vondelpark in the south of Amsterdam, which visits about 10 million tourists a year, Artis Zoo, Dam Square.

In addition to these unconstrained sites, there are also channels that are trademarks of Amsterdam and one of the reasons why this city is called “North Venice”.

You can travel by boat by channel. Channel driving can be exciting both during the day and at night when the channels are lit, which is an unforgettable experience.


Ask the girl when she expects the least

For which of these destinations you decide not to make a mistake. Everything is affordable and each has its own charms that will remain recorded in memory. Whether you are fans of modern architecture, rustic parts of the city, museums … each of these destinations can provide you with whatever you want.

The day when you will trust your partner and when she will say fatefully that it is one of the most important moments in your life and therefore make that moment unforgettable.

Make your girlfriend feel like a fairy tale, be her Romeo, throw a coin in the fountain to make you happy in a common love, feel like movie stars while riding a gondola, put masks and drown the unusual Venice.

First provide travel health insurance abroad and make it careless, let the tears of joy and some senile ring wherever you find yourself! Cheers!