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The entire panel takes aim at the Duggar family husband over homophobic comments about the “Nate & Jeremiah By Design” stars.

The women of “The View” found something to hate on together this morning: Derick Dillard and his incendiary comments about “Nate & Jeremiah By Design” stars Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent.

Dillard, who appears on TLC’s “Counting On” and is married to “19 Kids and Counting” star Jill Duggar Dillard, blasted the couple’s show for pushing a “liberal agenda” that “celebrates a lifestyle so degrading to children.” The two are fathers to daughter Poppy Brent-Berkus.

“What a travesty of family,” he said last week, retweeting a promotional tweet about the show. “It’s sad how blatant the liberal agenda is, such that it both highlights and celebrates a lifestyle so degrading to children on public television as if it should be normal.”

“They affect this poor child, as well as what perversions are celebrated,” he added. “If it were adultery, I doubt a network would be so quick to focus on the reality of it as if it were ok.”

“Who is this guy?” asked a shocked Whoopi Goldberg after reading his tweets. When Joy Behar said he’s “a Duggar in-law,” Whoopi added, “You an outlaw now! You should just stop man, stop. You don’t have to agree with anybody’s lifestyle, but you don’t live in their house. Just like we don’t live in a house where there are 900 kids and that’s what you guys are celebrating on your show.”

Sara Haines, whose brother is gay, said the topic was a “very personal issue for me,” before showing a photo of a same-sex couple she’s friends with who share a daughter. “I think parenting is hard and good parents come in all shapes, sizes, ages, races, sexuality and some of my idols as parents are gay,” she said. “Here are two humans who wanted someone to love and they found her. Families look different. I think this language is so sad.”

Sunny Hostin said she believes the comments come from someone who lacks empathy and probably hasn’t been around many gay couples in their lives. “I think when you hear from people like this, it’s because they haven’t opened up their hearts and minds and their eyes to experience people that are different from they are,” she added.

“Maybe he’s a little jealous that they’re getting more attention,” cracked Behar.

Meghan McCain added that his “abhorrent beliefs” are, thankfully, no longer the majority. “I will say that the evolution of this has been so beautiful to see,” she said. “In the majority of the country, even in rural areas, culturally we’ve progressed so far int he past 10 years and these people are in the minority in a lot of different ways.”

“Families come in all shapes and sizes, including the one he’s in,” added Whoopi. “I wouldn’t do it but you have the right to do it. What you don’t have the right to do is to impose this particular nastiness under the guise of ‘I’m looking out for children.’ You’re not, that’s not what this is.”

Responding to Dillard, Berkus tweeted, “My hope with having a show like #NandJByDesign on @TLC, where we go into people’s homes and welcome viewers into ours, is that we can start to break down barriers & normalize the way our family looks & the way our family loves.”