Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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From Marvel Comics as the primary imprint of Marvel Worldwide Inc. to Marvel Entertainment and its incredible movies! Marvel Studios films has brought us totally new perspective of graphic, reality and characters, giving us a moment of belief in superheros. Stay with us if you want to find out more about movie release dates, films produced, new trailers and updates from Marvel universe!

Thanos and Avengers 4 spoilers

All The Spoilers Avengers 4 Actors Have Accidentally Revealed

There's a year between Avengers: Infinity War and the release of next year's Avengers 4 , and that means Marvel's stars have plenty of time to unwittingly spoil...
Marvel Luke Cage Mike Colter Rosario dawson1

Rosario Dawson Unsure of Her Future With Marvel TV

Rosario Dawson appears uncertain of her role as Claire Temple in the Marvel TV universe on Netflix following the upcoming second season of Luke Cage ....

Marvel’s The Eternals Moving Forward, Hires Pair of Writers

Marvel Studios moves forward with The Eternals by hiring a pair of Black List writers. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is still reeling from the effects of Avengers:...
Black Panther movie

Black Panther: Every Reveal Marvel Made On The Blu-ray

The Black Panther home video release comes equipped with plenty of behind-the-scenes content and featurettes that reveal much more about the film, its characters, its story,...
Social avengers

Is the Real Infinity War Happening on the Red Carpet?

As the Avengers head back to theaters this weekend for Infinity War, plenty of questions are on the mind of Marvel fans. After a decade’s...
Black Widow Ccarlett Johansson 10-most skillful spies not James Bond1

Marvel is Meeting With Female Directors for Black Widow Movie

A new report not only confirms Marvel Studios is looking to hire a female director for Black Widow , but several names are already...
Suicide Squad David Ayer Will Smith

Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Says ‘Marvel Is Killing It’

Suicide Squad director David Ayer found himself at the center of the Marvel and DC conflict tonight. Instead of engaging the toxicity of the...
Avengers 4 Japan

Marvel Studios Really Is Holding Back Phase 4 Titles Until Avengers 4

Kevin Feige confirms any major news regarding Phase 4 of the MCU won’t arrive until after Avengers 4 is released. For the past ten years, Marvel Studios has...

Stan Lee Faces More Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Marvel legend Stan Lee is once again being accused of sexual misconduct, following on from troubling reports that the 95 year old is the...
Infinity War Arrested Development

Avengers Directors they disturbed further development in Infinity War

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo tease Arrested Development fans will be pleased during Avengers: Infinity War. Even though the Russo brothers are now considered to be some...


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