Friday, July 19, 2019
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Migrants crossing border

Caravan travelers seeking asylum cross US-Mexico border

The final group of caravan-traveling Central American migrants who arrived in Tijuana, Mexico, last week -- after a month-long journey to flee violence and...
Members of a caravan of migrants from Central America

Members of migrant caravan remain defiant after US again denies border entry

About 200 migrants trying to cross the U.S. border remain stalled in Mexico while American officials refuse to admit most, if not all, of...
Migrant children

Asylum-seeking immigrant ‘caravan’ poised to test Trump administration

Asylum-seekers in a "caravan" from Central America are poised on Sunday to test the Trump administration's tough immigration rhetoric as they begun turning themselves...
Kirstjen Nielsen

DHS boss threatens ‘caravan’ border-crossers with prosecution, detention, deportation

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Monday warned the “caravan” of Central American migrants arriving at the southern U.S. border that they could face...
US-Mexico border

Trump orders Homeland Security to block migrant caravan at the border

President Trump said Monday he has orderd Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to block  “large caravans of people” into the U.S. as a group of Central...
Central American migrants

Migrant caravan reaches US, Mexico border

A group of about 50 Central American migrants who fled southern Mexico in late March have reportedly reached the U.S. border and plan to...
Los Alamitos council members

Orange County city votes again to opt out of California’s sanctuary state law

A Southern California city council voted Monday for the second time to cement its opposition to the state’s sanctuary law following a tense 5-hour...
City of Albuquerque

New Mexico’s largest city curbs federal immigration agents’ powers to deport illegals

The city of Albuquerque passed measures on Monday that curb federal officials’ authority to deport illegal immigrants.Albuquerque’s council, controlled by Democrats, voted 6-3 in...
California Gov. Jerry Brown

California rejects Trump administration plan for National Guard troops on border

California has rejected the Trump administration’s initial plans for National Guard   troops at the state's border with Mexico, arguing the work is too closely...
Arizona National Guard

California withholding assistance as National Guard troops begin arriving at US-Mexico border

National Guard members have begun arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border as requested last week by President Trump , but California's Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown...


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