Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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William Phipps Prince Charming Obituary Header

Disney’s Original Prince Charming, William Phipps, Dies at 96

William Phipps - a character actor most famous his work in various westerns and science-fiction films, and for lending his voice to Prince Charming...
Star Wars Disney Biggest Mistakes

The Biggest Mistakes Disney Has Made With Star Wars

Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise has yielded undeniably positive results, but with Solo’s under-performing numbers suggesting audience fatigue, we look at the missteps they’ve...
Angelina Jolie in Maleficent

Disney’s Maleficent II Starts Filming; Full Cast Confirmed

Disney has officially begun filming the live-action sequel to Maleficent, which is now formally titled Maleficent II . The original Maleficent was released in theaters in 2014 and stars...
disney and fox and comcast logos together

Disney Preparing to Counter Comcast’s All-Cash Bid for Fox

Disney is reportedly planning to counter Comcast's latest all-cash bid, to prevent them from swooping in and making a deal with Fox. Despite major moves...
Emilia Clarke and Alden Ehrenreichi in Solo poster

Disney Executive Responds To Solo’s Opening Weekend Box Office

Disney's distribution chief has commented on Solo: A Star Wars Story 's box office opening coming in well below where early tracking indicated it would. The...
Fox Disney and Comcast

Comcast Confirms Plans To Counter Disney’s Fox Bid

Cable giant Comcast - the owner of NBC Universal - confirms its plans to try and outbid Disney's offer for the assets of 21st...
Netflix Eleven Stranger Things

Netflix Is Really Close To Surpassing Disney’s Valuation

Netflix 's total valuation is on the verge of surpassing The Walt Disney Company as a whole. Reed Hastings' company has long had massive ambitions...
Deadpool Disney Fox Joke

Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds Says Fox Had Disney Joke Cut

Ryan Reynolds, star and producer of Deadpool 2 , reveals the movie originally contained a particular joke about film studio Walt Disney Pictures, but...
Disney Christopher Robin Movie- Poster Cropped

Disney’s Christopher Robin Images Reveal Piglet, Eeyore & Tigger

New images from Disney’s Christopher Robin reveal what the silly old bear, along with some of his closest friends, will look like in the movie. Christopher Robin is...
Jesse Plemons in Game Night

Disney’s Jungle Cruise Casts Jesse Plemons As Another Villain

After an extended development period, Disney’s Jungle Cruise is now pulling together its cast pretty quickly, with Breaking Bad alum Jesse Plemons being the latest actor to step...


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