Stephon Curry
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Earlier this year, USA basketball announced new rules for basketball including kids under 11 years old not having a three-point line to shoot behind. One of the big reasons that younger kids are falling in love with the three ball is NBA players like Stephen Curry who make shooting the three ball look so easy.

Stephen Curry told that he likes the new rules, and he didn’t even start shooting from deep until he was a teenager.

“My dad had the same kind of mentality of development. As I got stronger and bigger, he wanted me to make sure I didn’t sacrifice form and mechanics just to be able to shoot an NBA three before I was ready. I hope there’s a principle and an importance on the fundamentals of what that means and the work that goes into it, that you can’t just step into a gym and start jacking them up and feel like you’re getting better.”

“I guess I commend the perspective on player development, especially at an early age. Hopefully, that’s able to build the confidence of those guys that want to be great shooters as they get older.”

That is one of the huge issues when kids who are really young try to sling it from deep. They aren’t developed or strong enough to have a normal shooting motion to get it all the way to the rim.

This causes kids to have a funky shooting motion and if they develop that, when they are strong enough to shoot it with a normal motion from deep, the funky motion is already developed and they won’t switch back to a correct shooting motion.

That is one of the big things that USA basketball is trying to get away from with kids, and they hope that will help develop the game of basketball.