Sea Food
Sea Food

Seafood specialties are the healthiest foods in the world. What combines sea foods to combine, how to store and serve and with which the seafood fits, find out below. As well as why it is healthy fish and other seafood.


Summer is the time to forget about cooked cabbage and beans, as well as all other recipes of fatty and heavy foods.

As you love the sea and the beach, so do the sea specialties, which belong to the healthiest food in the world.


Why is it good to eat fish?

Sea food
Sea food

They say that the fish  swim three times. Once in the water, the second time in the oil and the third time in the wine.

As many fish species there are, so many recipes. Some recipes are demanding and it is best to leave them in restaurants or in the home of chefs, and some of them can be followed by yourself.

The fish protects the heart and blood vessels thanks to omega-3 fatty acid, maintains bone health, preserves vision, prevents hyperactivity, maintains brain functions, and reduces the risk of getting cancer.

Will you throw the fish on the grill, in hot water, or you will fry on the dish, will you put it in the oven or other ingredients, make a salad or eat even raw (eg.losos), the decision is on you.

Have you ever wondered why the Japanese do not have a problem with obesity and heart disease? Sushi is a traditional dish in Japan with the most important ingredient of raw or smoked fish.

One of the nutritious and refreshing meals is a salad with avocado and salmon.


Fish and fish offspring

Fish specialties
Fish specialties

You did not taste shark meat? Perhaps this year is just as if you tried to taste a “shin” of shark meat that is characterized by a creamy structure, mild taste and absence of bones.

Always replace salted snacks with fried rice or sardines. Instead of pâté, use a salad made of canned tuna as a coating.

Do not neglect your sense of taste and try eels in spicy herbs or stored in white wine. If you are at sea, allow the cook to “play” with fresh catch and ingredients like lemon and rice, satisfaction is guaranteed.

You remember those ugly fish with poisonous spines – clippers? There is no delicious sea fish that you can save very easily in your kitchen. It’s enough to clean it a bit and put it in the oven to heat it.

You can eat horses stored with garlic, potatoes, rice, sechuan, curry or tomato sauce, with carfiol, mushrooms, truffles. Octrate cook in yourself, save the hake in the wildest way.

You’re in the tavern, overlooking the sea. Order your barbecue or sea bass (fish with the highest vitamin B). For those who would experiment with Mediterranean flavors, it is recommended to bake with mandarin and lemon, or a sea bass stored in an aromatic sauce of apples, onion, radish, cucumber and brown sugar.

Barakuda stored on olive oil is a specialty in itself sufficient to get you water on your mouth.


The most expensive seafood specialty – caviar


If you have ever wondered which marine specialty is among the most expensive in the world, the answer is – Caviar Almas (albino albino albino). This caviar comes from Iran and is packed in jars of pure gold.

One teeth cost $ 2,000. However, you do not have to be a sheik to enjoy the medicinal and luxurious delicacies of other caviar brands that bear names by the type of fish they originate from.

Red caviar is from salmon, and the most popular caviar is the one that comes from the autumn and the color varies from white to gold. Traditionally, it is eaten with a gold spoon or part of the shell, because it loses its medicinal properties in contact with the metal.

You can combine seafood with wines, beer and fruits.

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Mr. Krabs on the table

Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs

Crustaceans are classified into low-calorie and light foods. They contain small amounts of saturated fatty acids and abundant omega-3 acids. Cancer reduces bad, increases cholesterol, protects arteries and prevents thrombus.

For those who have a problem with cardiovascular problems, crabs stored on barbecue, steam or barren are recommended.

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Among the smaller crabs are shrimp and gamblers. From small shrimp, rice and sauces are made, medium-sized ones are cooked on buzara, and the biggest ones are baked on the grill. Who says that lasagna is only prepared from minced meat? T

You were not on the sea if you did not even eat a paste with shrimp once.

The crab is of similar taste as gamblers, it only has less cholesterol. Replace the variant of a classic burger with a crab hamburger.

The lobster specialties are expensive delicacies and a story for themselves, and this claim goes hand in hand with the fact that the Salvatore Dali cook also found a recipe for a spittle with a lobster.

The lobster is cooked in boiling water, and the taste of its meat is more pronounced and better if it is inserted into the pot! Only after cooking, his pliers and tail are removed. Grilled vegetables, mushrooms or lettuce are served with lobster. One of the varieties of lobster eating is when it is cooked in a white wine.


Sea castration

Sea Food
Sea Food

Shells are sea cleaners but also cleaners of the human organism. They are abundant with minerals of zinc that are missing in the diet of a modern man. The type of oyster shells is eaten just caught, with a few drops of lemon juice, and represents an ideal aphrodisiac.

The shells stored on the buzzer must be tried. Without shells, you can not imagine the world-wide pizza of Frutti di Mare.

The shells are generally served mildly open, in low-quantity soup plates in which they were cooked. The shell is separated manually, and fine-cooked meat is picked and eaten with the help of empty shells.

The most commonly used shells in Mediterranean cuisine are mussels, jacket caps, wongola, prstac and palastur.


Squid and octopus are a marine source of health


Squid lowers blood sugar levels, Vitamin B2 lemur is rich in selenium, which helps create red blood cells and copper that can reduce inflammation.

The octopus meat is rich in iron, taurine (an amino acid that affects muscle growth, lowers cholesterol, and stimulates the function of nerve cells) and potassium.

Squid can be grilled or cooked on olive oil, and then filled with ham, ham, fine cheese, vegetables, mushrooms. Replace pork kernels with sailplants made from squid meat.

The main ingredient of Mediterranean salad and Greek goulash is octopus. It can also be stored in wine or with potatoes. In the restaurant instead of “veal under the hood,” look for an “octopus under the hood”.