Scott Disick with another woman at Kanye West's listening party
Scott Disick with another woman at Kanye West's listening party / REX/Shutterstock

Word has it, Scott Disick is totally regretting flirting with that mystery woman while at Kanye West’s listening party in Wyoming! Now he’s hoping his GF Sofia Richie won’t dump him! EXCLUSIVE details!

Scott Disick , 33, had fans up in arms when he was spotted getting handsy with a mystery girl who definitely wasn’t his girlfriend Sofia Richie, 19, while he was partying at Kanye West‘s listening party on Thursday, May 31! He was also telling people he was “single,” according to TMZ . Now, thanks to our insiders, we’re learning what happened before the trip and how Sofia is coping with the scandal. “Scott and Sofia had a big fight before he left for Wyoming, she was not invited to Kanye’s listening party and was hurt that Scott would go without her,” an insider tells James News EXCLUSIVELY. “But they did not break up before he left, and as of now they are still together.”

The source added that Scott is blaming the alcohol for his questionable behavior at the shindig. “Scott’s totally denying cheating on her. He’s saying it was just a couple of loose moments that got caught on tape and blown out of proportion. He’s blaming the altitude in Wyoming because the drinks hit him so hard. He realizes he messed up and is very remorseful. He’s begging Sofia to forgive him. She hasn’t decided yet one way or another, and from what her friends are saying she isn’t ready to leave him, not yet at least.”

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We also learned how Scott’s ex and baby daddy Kourtney Kardashian is reacting to the scandalous image. “Kourtney has seen the pic of Scott at Kanye’s listening party and she can’t help but feel sorry for Sofia . She knows exactly how it feels to be in her position and she feels sad for her,” a source told James News EXCLUSIVELY. “There’s a part of her that feels vindicated too — she’s not going to say ‘I told you so’ to Sofia, but there’s a part of her that does feel that. Scott has a lot of demons and it’s clear he’ll never change.”