Aaron Rodgers
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Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst was on PFT Live on Thursday morning and talked about a variety of topics. One of the most hard-hit topics was about Aaron Rodgers and the new contract that has been rumored for a while. According to Gutenkunst, he believes a new deal will be done soon.

“Both sides are working towards it and we’re confident we’ll come to an agreement soon,” he said.

we’re confident we’ll come to an agreement soon

According to Gutekunst, the hold-up has been because both sides are waiting to see if other quarterbacks get deals and to see how they are structured. Both Matt Ryan and Tom Brady are expected to get a new contract soon and that seems to be the hold up for Rodgers. Gutenkunst doesn’t think the deal is taking too long though, and he doesn’t see any reason why the deal wouldn’t get done.

“We’re pretty confident that this is something that’s taking its normal course, its normal time,” he said.

For Rodgers, there were rumblings earlier this year about he was unhappy with not being involved in some of the decisions that the Packers were making. His quarterback coach was let go this offseason and Jordy Nelson was cut, and both of them were guys he really liked within the organization.

There was some wondering if Rodgers would end up being the next Brett Favre leaving Green Bay on a sour note, but for Packer fans, this has to be good news.

Rodgers still has two years left on a five-year, $110 million deal that was signed before the 2013 season. But with his upcoming deal, Rodgers is expected to become the highest paid player in the entire NFL.