No device is immune to problems, be it a top-of-the-line or low-end model. Drawbacks usually start to appear after a certain amount of use and some are the result of a buggy system update. But don’t worry, we are here to help. We have the solutions to common problems with the Moto X Pure Edition.

1. Moto X Pure Edition problem: Display error

This error has been around since April this year, when some units of the Moto X Pure Edition started to present a problem with the smartphone’s screen. As you can see in the image below, the display of the Moto X Pure Edition shows a failure to close the capacitive buttons at the bottom of the device.

According to users, and even the manufacturer, this graphic fault emerged as a problem with the software and not hardware. So a system update should solve the issue. However, Motorola still has not released this update.

Solution (from the community)

According to Reddit readers, the problem can be solved, temporarily, by a hard reset. The photo above is a Moto X Pure Edition from one of the AndroidPIT team members however, according to him, a factory reset won’t fix the issue.

If you are waiting for the release of a corrective update from Lenovo, you should know that the manufacturer does not have a date for this to happen. So you may have the screen that way until the arrival of Android 7.0 Nougat for the device.

2. Moto X Pure Edition problem: Noise and crackles in the top speaker

Some owners complain of noise and crackles in the top speaker in the Moto X Pure Edition international forum. According to the reports, you can hear some crackling and distortion in the audio while running games and audio books. The same goes for playing music and YouTube videos in landscape mode, where the audio is noticeably distorted when increased.

I contacted the Motorola Repair Center, the clerk informed me that the noise problems in the speaker or general sound distortion may occur because of the equalizer. To alleviate this problem, go to the Play Music Settings tap Equalizer and disable the ‘audio effects’.

If the problem persists, you should seek to return the device under the terms of your warranty for repair or replacement. Contact Motorola support for further information about the guarantee.

3. Moto X Pure Edition problem: Stuck at 80 percent

There are complaints that the Moto X Pure Edition battery freezes at 80 percent. In some cases, the problem seems to be solved by pressing the power button for at least two and a half minutes. However, according to members of the US Motorola forum, it may be a battery indicator error that makes it freeze at this percentage.

It is possible that the device indicates a 75 percent charge, when in fact the actual capacity is 15 percent, for example. Although this is not a common problem, users who reported that issue were able to solve it by resetting the device and holding the volume button plus the power button simultaneously. If this problem persists, contact Motorola Technical Support.

4. Moto X Pure Edition problem: Google Now problems

Motorola’s voice assistant is a version of Google Now, optimized with additional voice commands, such as customization of the activation phrase and new lines for consultation and implementation tasks. The service recognition software is optimized in the Moto X Pure Edition – as JamesNews mentioned in the device review – compared to the Moto X Play, for example.

However, ambient noise can disrupt the activation of Google Now.

Some readers are complaining about a certain delay in activating Google Now on the Moto X Pure Edition. This drawback is due to the presence of ambient noise while recording your voice during the initial setup. To solve this problem you need to rerecord your boot phrase in a quiet environment.