Melania Trump doesn’t want to stir up trouble so she’s choosing to believe Donald Trump’s denial about the bizarre allegations that say there’s a video of him watching prostitutes urinate on each other.

Melania Trump , 47, doesn’t believe that there’s a video tape of Donald Trump, 71, watching prostitutes urinate on each other in a Moscow hotel room but if she was proven wrong, she may take a powerful stand. “Melania is choosing to believe Donald when he says talk about the alleged ‘pee tape’ is just an attempt to politically smear him, and that there is no such thing in existence,” a source close to Melania EXCLUSIVELY told James News. “When it comes to her marriage, Melania likes to always take the course of least resistance, which is to accept Donald’s version of events—but, if a ‘smoking gun’ were to emerge then it would be all bets off. Melania doesn’t spend a lot of time, if any, considering what may happen or emerge, she prefers to live in the moment and deal with things if and when they arise.”

While Melania chooses to take the safe route for now, the allegations against Donald, which former FBI director James Comey included in his memoir, have definitely made a lot of headlines and according to James, Donald asked him to investigate them . The claim is that Russia has compromising material on Donald, including the urinating video that allegedly happened back in 2013 when he was in Russia for the Miss Universe pageant. Dona;d has repeatedly denied the claims and although there’s been no evidence of it as of yet, some of his opponents like to think otherwise.

Unless evidence does show up, it looks like Melania plans to stand by her man’s side as she’s continued to do despite the scandals in the past year. Many wondered if the First Lady would leave the Donald after the Stormy Daniels affair allegations came out but she’s still with him. We can’t say whether or not she will continue her loyalty in the future but we’ll definitely be on the lookout to see where things go from here!