• UnixBench performance scores for a Linode 2GB improved three-fold with KVM
  • KVM based Linodes can also run alternative operating systems, such as BSD, Windows, Plan 9, and more through Linode’s new full-virtualization mode
  • Greatly improved boot and shut down times

Linode, a leading cloud-hosting provider, celebrated its 12th birthday today by announcing the availability of KVM-powered Linodes. The free upgrade significantly accelerates server performance, accommodates alternate operating system, and improves boot times.

KVM (in tandem with QEMU) is an alternative to the popular Xen virtualization software that Linode has been using since 2008. KVM has far less overhead, thereby improving virtual machine performance. For example, a 2GB Xen Linode yielded UnixBench scores of 800 compared to a 2GB KVM Linode that yielded scores exceeding 2400, a three-fold performance improvement.

“We invest huge amounts of money in quality hardware, including high end processors,” said Linode’s founder/CEO Christopher S. Aker. “KVM’s low overhead allows us to optimize our investment and give our customers the benefit of its fantastic performance.”

Adrian Flitcroft, founder of PlushForums, an award-winning forum solution, has been participating in the KVM beta since April and commends the speed gain. “We’re always looking to increase performance.” Flitcroft said. “We were impressed to see a 28% performance gain with KVM Linodes in our testing over Xen Linodes. Our results also showed KVM Linodes to be 84% faster than Digital Ocean on a core-for-core basis.”

Aker added, “Not only are we doubling down on our commitment to the industry’s highest performing virtual servers, we are also taking advantage of KVM’s flexibility, allowing users to run fully virtualized guests and alternate operating systems like BSD, Plan 9, even DOS and Windows 3.11.”

Starting today, customers can upgrade their Linodes to KVM with the click of a button located on their Linode’s dashboard. For more information, visit

After twelve years, Linode has helped more than 350,000 developers and designers, individuals and businesses worldwide. These and new customers will find the KVM upgrade complements Linode’s reputation for affordability, high performance and support that cares.

The company celebrated its birthday in 2014 by introducing its Linode 1GB plan, complete with SSDs, for only $10 per month. Since then, the company debuted its Professional Services, designed to assist subscribers with site migrations, server installations and other sysadmin tasks; upgraded its Managed service to include cPanel; and opened a new datacenter in Singapore.

Linode has also opened a new office in the Philadelphia area to accommodate its expansion plans and will open its eighth datacenter this summer in Frankfurt, Germany.


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