Kourtney Kardashian feel sorry for Sofia
Kourtney Kardashian feel sorry for Sofia /REX/Shutterstock/SplashNews

Kourtney Kardashian may not have been a fan of Scott Disick’s relationship with Sofia Richie, but she still feels bad for the girl after he was caught getting cozy with ANOTHER female.

Scott Disick was spotted getting cozy with a mystery woman at Kanye West‘s album listening party on May 31, which is kind of messed up considering he’s dating Sofia Richie. Kourtney Kardashian, who has seen the pic, feels sorry for Sofia, as she believes Scott will “never change”. “Kourtney has seen the pic of Scott at Kanye’s listening party and she can’t help but feel sorry for Sofia. She knows exactly how it feels to be in her position and she feels sad for her. There’s a part of her that feels vindicated too — she’s not going to say ‘I told you so’ to Sofia, but there’s a part of her that does feel that. Scott has a lot of demons and it’s clear he’ll never change. This has brought back memories of all her years dealing with Scott and his toxic behavior and Kourtney could not be more relieved that it’s not her getting embarrassed by Scott anymore. She’s so happy they are over for good,” a Kardashian insider tells James News EXCLUSIVELY.

In case you haven’t heard by now, a pic was obtained by TMZ and it shows Scott with his arms wrapped around a woman who is NOT Sofia. And he’s holding her very close. While it’s unclear who this woman is or what their relationship may be, Scott and the female certainly seem intimate. SEE THE PIC OF SCOTT AND HIS MYSTERY WOMAN IN WYOMING HERE. Sources also told TMZ that Scott was acting very flirty with this woman during at least two of Kanye’s songs. Someone even claims to have overheard Scott saying he’s single. Could he and Sofia have broken up? If so, Scott would totally be in the clear, but his relationship status with Sofia is still a mystery, so we can certainly understand why Kourtney would feel bad for Sofia. We do too.

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All of this seems super bizarre, as Sofia was just on vacation with Scott and his three kids — Mason, Penelope, and Reign — on May 26. Could they really have split in the past 5 days? It’s certainly possible, but considering Scott’s track record with cheating in the past, anything’s possible.