Kim and Kanye's fight in WhiteHouse with Trump
Kim and Kanye's fight in WhiteHouse with Trump /REX/Shutterstock

Uh oh! Kim Kardsahian and Kanye West had an epic fight because she didn’t bring him along to the White House for her meeting with Donald Trump. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details.

Kanye West has made it known that he’s a massive fan of Donald Trump. The 40-year-old rapper was super upset that wife Kim Kardashian , 37, didn’t bring him along to her May 30 private meeting with the president. “Kanye was upset over Kim’s visit to the White House because he wanted to go too. They had an epic blowout fight over the trip, Kanye wanted to make it about him, he felt like he also has some big ideas he needs to discuss with the president,” a Yeezy insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. Kim’s meeting with Trump was about prison reform and focused on the case of 63-year-old non-violent first time drug offender Alice Marie Johnson’s life sentence in a federal penitentiary.

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“Kim convinced Kanye the timing wasn’t right. Kim begged Kanye to back off. She pleaded with him that he already had his turn meeting Donald. She encouraged her husband to focus on his album release and his new music. She is the only one Kanye will listen to in situations like this and Kim was able to quickly calm him down,” our insider continues
“She was glad that he relented and gave her space to have her meeting with the president. She promised to hurry back to his side, for his album releases and listening parties. Kanye is proud that Kim is taking an active role in politics and he just wanted to be a part of it too,” our source adds. Kim made good on her promise to be by Kanye’s side in Wyoming, as he flew in dozens of influential DJ’s and others in the music industry from around the nation to Jackson Hole for a massive outdoor listening party. His event was so huge and attended by so many big names in radio that he got the word Wyoming trending on Twitter for most of May 31. That’s the next best thing to meeting with the president, right?