Kendall Jenner
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Kendall Jenner has a divinely perfect pout, and her makeup artist Mary Phillips reveals how to get you same lips. She has some tricks up her sleeve – well, her makeup artist, who is known for precisely overlining her lips for the cleanest, fullest looking mouth you ever saw. Phillips will show you her tricks of the trade for creating Kendall’s signature lip.

The basics steps of re-creating the Kendall pout are as follows: Phillips tells James News that it is crucial to start with a clean base. “I start by laying down my La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear foundation to make sure the skin around looks clean and prepped,” she explains, continuing that she then sets the foundation with La Mer The Sheer Pressed Powder to keep everything in place.

Kendall Jenner on a red carpet
Kendall Jenner on a red carpet / Gisela Schober/Getty

And then, the main course: lips. “My favorite products for giving the lip that super full and pouty look is first start with a matte lip pencil like Nudestix Matte Neutral Rose and then go on top of that with a softer gel formula like the one from my Jetsetter Palette, also from Nudestix, in the color Posh. It’s a beautifully soft tone with a nice subtle sheen,” say Phillips.

But before you do that, all of this will be for naught if you don’t properly prep the lips. To keep things looking supple, Phillips never fails to hydrate the lips with La Mer’s The Lip Balm, to calm, moisturize and strengthen the skin.

Another key point: be sure to not over-do it with the over-lining. Phillips explains that you’ll know when you go too far over the lip line because it would look unnatural and noticeable. Instead, she advices to “start where the line exists already and just softly push out from that.”

Bear in mind, when the beauty guru is doing a super pouty look for one of her clients, she keeps the eyes softer to keep the vibe fresh. In fact, this is the aesthetic Phillips prefers, often using shades like Nudestix Magnetic Luminous Eye Color in Copper Foil or Immortal for the eyes and Nudestix All Over Face Color in In the Nude for the cheeks from her Jetsetter Palette with the brand.

“I kept my color choices for the cheeks and eyes soft and versatile when I created this palette so that I could create clean and beautiful looks that would lend to this awesome trend”

– she says.

If you want to add even more definition to the look, Phillips suggests using highlighter on the cupid’s bow for more fullness and dimension.

As for her final tips, Phillips says that playing around with the look is the best way to figuring it out for yourself. “Find colors that compliment your tones. This way an over-lined lip look will be more flattering.”