Justin Bieber will NOT be watching The Weekend perform at Coachella this year, and it’s got everything to do with Selena Gomez! We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on why his set is no where on Justin’s list of stuff to do!

Justin Bieber , 24, has been living his best life at Coachella! The “What Do You Mean” singer was spotted dancing with friends, and even chatted it up with Yodeling kid Mason Ramsey. While it seems like the Beibs is on a role at this year’s festival, there’s one act he will be missing. If you guessed The Weeknd’s, you’re correct. “Justin will not be watching The Weeknd at Coachella tonight, it’s a hard pass for him. There are lots of other artists he is excited about, and of course parties too. But, stopping to watch Selena’s ex-boyfriend perform is no where on his Coachella list of stuff to do,” a source close to JB tells James News EXCLUSIVELY. Well, that’s certainly not a shocker!

For most guys, supporting your love’s ex-boyfriend is definitely not a thing. However, in Justin’s case, it’s a little bit more severe. If you recall, The Weeknd took a major jab at Justin and Selena in his song “ Call Out My Name ” from his EP My Dear Melancholy. With lyrics like “Guess I was just another pit stop/ ‘Til you made up your mind/ You just wasted my time,” it’s clear The Weeknd is not over how quickly Selena got back with Justin after their October 2017 split. So, you can understand why Justin would like to avoid The Weeknd at all costs. After all, Coachella is supposed to be fun!

Plus, Justin and Selena aren’t even together! After deciding to take some time apart a little over a month ago, we’re starting to believe their break has turned into a breakup. And as if that couldn’t be anymore clear, Justin jetted to Coachella with a gorgeous brunette named Cherissa Kittmer. It looks like he’s not worried about The Weeknd or Selena.