Johnny Manziel and Baker Mayfield
Johnny Manziel and Baker Mayfield / Clutch Points

The Cleveland Browns have had two decades’ worth of mistakes when it comes to quarterbacks. One of their most high profile failures was without a doubt Johnny Manziel, who crashed out of the league within just a couple of years.

The Browns now have another opportunity to finally get it right at quarterback with No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield. In a bid to help Mayfield avoid the same mistakes he made, Manziel offered a piece of advice to the young quarterback, which is to simply focus on football.

“Baker’s got the fire, Baker’s got the spark, and you know, I think he’ll do all right,”

Manziel said on the Dan Patrick Show.

“But don’t let the pressure of everything else that goes on get to you. That would be my one advice: just go out and make football the main thing and go out and play like he’s done for the last five years.”

There are a handful of different reasons why Manziel’s time with the Browns went as poorly as it did. Manziel himself was responsible for a good number of those reasons as he seemed too preoccupied with the celebrity lifestyle that came with being Johnny Football. He paid dearly for that mistake as he washed out of the league and still hasn’t found his way back.

While Mayfield has often been compared with Manziel, he doesn’t appear to share that same desire for celebrity that helped lead to Johnny Football’s downfall. If Mayfield can keep his head on straight and concentrate on putting in the work needed to succeed in the league, he at least has a better chance of fulfilling his potential than Manziel.