Jason Kelce
Jason Kelce / Clutch Points

The Philadelphia Eagles managed to do the improbable by capping the 2017 NFL season with a victory in Super Bowl LII. Now they are looking to avoid the dreaded hangover that comes with it.

As impressive as their championship run was last season, there has been some concern about whether or not the Eagles can defend their crown this year. According to Enrico Campitelli of NBC Philadelphia, center Jason Kelce says the team has not lowered the has set the bar even higher moving forward:

“We’ve been a starving dog for 52 years and one bowl of food isn’t going to suffice the appetite. We’re still very much hungry. We’re still ready to get after it. And we’re vying to repeat this year,”

Kelce said.

The Eagles managed to end one of the longest championships droughts in the NFL. Most teams would be content with winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history. However, it appears that the Eagles are not ready to rest on their laurels just yet.

Kelce’s comments should not come as a surprise considering all that Philadelphia had to endure last season. He made it clear during his passionate speech at the rally that most of the players on the team had been overlooked up to that point in their careers.

The two-time Pro Bowler even managed to stoke the fire of their success when he said the Eagles had “more fun” winning the championship than the New England Patriots did in recent years. That said, Philadelphia may need to build on their recent success in order to prove their formula works better the long haul.