Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs
Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs / Getty Images

After almost 10 years of marriage and two children together, Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen are completely okay being candid about what really turns them on.

The actor spouses recently chatted not only about milestones sons Lazlo , 5 months, and Sid , 4, are hitting lately, but how their relationship has changed since becoming parents.

” ‘At this point in our marriage, the sexiest thing she can do for me is … ‘ ” Mollen, 38, reads from a card addressed to her husband.

“Oh, take the kids and leave for a couple hours,”

Biggs, 39, jokes without missing a beat.


Agrees Mollen with her answer, laughing, “Oh God, yeah. I think just leave me alone.”

” ‘If our relationship was a movie, it would be … ‘ ” the American Pie actor reads from the next card, answering himself, “Rated G.”

” ‘The craziest thing Sid has ever said to either one of us is… ‘ ” Mollen continues.

“He had a fever last week and he was pretty delirious, and at one point he turned to me — I was trying to put him down to bed — and he was just like, ‘Daddy, Daddy … my memories. My memories are gone,’ ” Biggs recalls.

“I’m like, ‘You’re 4, you have two memories,’ ” jokes the star. “I’m gonna remind you of them right now: We saw Cars 3 and your brother was born .”

“He was so dramatic … a few minutes later, I was reading him a book and he looked up at me and he goes, ‘Chris?’ — Chris is our nanny’s name,” Biggs continues. “He goes, ‘Chris?’ and I go, ‘Sid, I’m not Chris, I’m Daddy,’ and he goes, ‘[Sighs] See what I mean?’ “