Save yourself from the fraud

Those who go on a trip over some prize games or pay the cheapest deals usually have objections to the different things they have encountered, which they did not expect. Here are some tips on how to save yourself from frequent road deceptions.


The experiences of people who travel a lot are different. We most often come in contact with those who spent their weekend or 10 days in the best order, without stress and unnecessary nervousness. However, there are those who experience and some inconvenience that, unfortunately, marks the entire journey, and after that, after that, the disagreements they have experienced are recounted for weeks.

Therefore, if you are preparing for a trip to a city where you have not yet stayed, you must be prepared for various “tricks” of local people who will do everything to make you cash in for nothing.

Therefore, be smart and do not settle for these five scams because it is too obvious that you will have to give some Euros “over”.


The first fraud on the trip – free WiFi

Digital frauds
Digital frauds

What is most troubling to tourists in the modern world is the question of which travel agencies immediately demand the answer: “Is WiFi included in the price?” We believe that you have asked this question many times.

Simply, the internet has become an integral part of our lives, so it is difficult to function without it normally. Business people know what we are talking about, but young people still have their own needs.

That’s why this is a huge risk for traveling. When we enter the menu where we select the connection network, if we see a huge name “free WiFi” in the automation we will connect to it.

This fact is well known to those who want to deceive us. Open and free networks they set up within the hotel and around the city parks, in public transport … When you connect, they remain all of your data, some of which may be confidential.

The best and the smartest is to search for WiFi with the official name of the place where you are staying and where you need to enter the code. This will help you avoid embarrassment, and hackers who are barely waiting for someone to look at you will not be targeted.


You paid one, and you got the tenth thing

Have you expected this?

The most common problem witnessed by tourists around the world is small scams. Namely, an agent in a travel agency always blends reality with you. It says that your apartment or room looks at the beautiful oasis that you can hardly wait to wake up, and when you go to the destination you are waiting for “nervous breakdown”.

Instead of a beautiful view of the sea or an old-fashioned busy street, you got a view of the site because workers just this season have to finish the nearby hotel that is blocking the beautiful view that you paid in advance.

This situation happened to you at least once, right? Therefore, when you test the time of modern technology, you do not need to rely on information obtained from a sweetheart agent, go to Google Street View and see how it really looks like and where it is – check it out well, and then only pay.


Risky food delivery in touristic places

Are you safe to make a call?

When you think about this situation, you will not be right right now! Most tourists do not work according to this principle, but there were those who paid for their mistake.

Namely, if you are in a hotel in a tourist resort and you are not able to pay expensive meals at the hotel restaurant on a daily basis, you often apply for a leaflet that you have found as a commercial on a nightclub or someone has given it to you by the way.

As it is already abroad, you need to dictate your credit card number and wait for your bench.

However, you are not aware that there is a real chance that a meal will never arrive, and you paid for that service with very intimate and confidential information. Often it happens that the fraudsters leave leaflets for alleged food delivery by hotels, and in fact they are hunting for credit cards.

So many holidays are completely ruined , so it is most safe for you to ask the receptionist what you recommend as a meal option, or to ask him directly if the flyer is safe.


Is the bottled water right ?

Bottled Water
Bottled Water

Whatever place you go on the planet, it’s best to drink bottled water. That’s true, but did you figure out how much money you only pay for water during the trip? The suspicious quality of the freewheeling should not be joked, and it is best known to traders.

At the time of the season, sellers and hoteliers raise prices in the sky, so bottled water comes as if you have ordered any beverages in a luxury restaurant. And, naturally, tourists would pay for a price just to preserve their intestines.

It is best to ask about the quality of the water in the place where you will be staying before traveling. Although it is the best idea, as we have said, stick bottled water in foreign countries, find a local supermarket better and get more affordable, so that you do not want to waste your drinking water for one bottle of plain water.


Sudden call from the reception

We deliberately left it to the end because it does not happen so often, but we want to warn you!

A late call from the hotel’s reception area will confuse you. The cheaters usually do it at night because you are bereft of sleep.

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Request your credit card code because something is wrong with her, so you naively dictate your personal information and there is a problem. The “cozy” receptionist must have destroyed your holiday, which will only make you aware when you wake up!

Try to make payments always face-to-face and thus avoid any inconvenience! Make travel insurance before travel!