One of the most useful features of the Galaxy S8 can be had on any Android phone. I’m talking about ‘Scroll capture’, which allows you to take longer, scrolling screenshots of a whole page. There are a ton of apps which let you stitch together screenshots manually to make them into one file, but that’s tedious. Here’s how to get the scrolling screenshot feature on your Android without the hassle.

Introduced to Samsung users on the Note 5, and majorly improved upon for the Galaxy S7, was a nifty feature called ‘Capture more’. This allowed you to take a single long screenshot of a page, from the top and scrolling all the way to bottom, in one file. This feature is back in the spotlight now, thanks to the Galaxy S8, under the new moniker ‘Scroll capture’. With the popularity of the Galaxy S8, and all the hype about its amazing features, more people are wondering how to capture longer screenshots on their Android phones. While it’s not a feature baked into Android itself, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. There’s a third party app called Stitch & Share to save the day for those of you who don’t have Galaxy phones.

This intuitive app allows you to take screenshots as you normally would, then it stitches them together for you automatically (unlike other apps which require you to do it manually). All you have to do is save the screenshot as one file, and it even lets you share it from the app right afterward.

You can capture a screenshot of an entire website, news article or app with Stitch & Share from the Play Store. Once you download it and grant it the required permissions, just take your first screenshot as usual. Scroll down until only a small part of what was visible in the first screenshot is still showing on your screen, then take the next screenshot. Just repeat this step until you’ve taken shots of everything you want. Then swipe down to open your phone’s notifications panel and tap the Stitch & Share notification to open the app. Or, you can open the Stitch & Share app and select the screenshots you want to be automatically stitched. From there, simply tap the green arrow to save your long screenshot.

To see an example of what Stitch & Share can do, take a look at the very long, max resolution screenshot below. There are a couple of drawbacks to the app, namely that the results aren’t always perfect, and a small watermark will appear on the bottom right unless you upgrade to a paid version. That being said, it’s a very convenient and useful app.