James Harden and LeBron James
David Liam Kyle / Getty Images

In his reaction to LeBron James notching 37 points, 10 boards and 8 dimes in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ win over the Brooklyn Nets, Nick Wright compares The King’s MVP-caliber numbers to that of Houston’s Rocket Man, unveiling who he believes should win the 2018 NBA MVP. Is The Beard the clear favorite?

NICK WRIGHT: Harden’s got him by three points in points per game. LeBron obviously averages more rebounds. Surprisingly, LeBron’s even averaging more assists. And the field goal percentage is drastic, right? LeBron shooting 10% better from the field.

Also, everyone agrees LeBron is the best player in the league. I think most people agree LeBron is the one player, more than anybody else, on a contender that, if you remove him, they are totally– they go from contender to not a playoff team. I think– so you can argue, as far as value proposition, that’s LeBron.

I say all that to say this. James Harden’s the MVP. Because the MVP– here– I’m not a voter– as infuriating as that is to me.


As Chris Broussard said to me–

CHRIS BROUSSARD: You keep saying that–

– I know.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: –you may be soon.

– As Chris Broussard said to me once, about a year ago– I was like– I said– I was like, why do you get to be voter and I don’t? He was like, I don’t know. I’ve covered the league for 25 years. Like, you go on TV and talk about LeBron. I was like, all right. Good point, sir.

So here’s the reason it’s got to be James Harden. Because the other thing the MVP is, to me, is a historical marker. We need to see who that season was about at times. And it is important, when we are talking about the greats of the greats–

The biggest knock on Dwayne Wade– like D-Wade versus Dirk Nowitzki, historically– that’s an interesting conversation. But you know why the tie goes to Dirk? He’s got a league MVP. D-Wade never– I think he only finished in the top three once.

James Harden deserves an MVP. Like, he deserved it, I thought, three years ago.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Yep. I voted for him that year.

– He had a strong argument last year. I know you voted for Russ last year.

– He would have won it last year, if Russ–

– If Russ didn’t have the triple-double.

– And I mean, if Russ was 9.7 assists or rebounds–

– Which is why some people think it was–

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Harden probably would have–

– –crazy that he didn’t win it last year. Harden deserves it. Harden’s on the best team. He’s been their best player.

Everyone knows LeBron’s the best player in the world. And amazingly, you can argue, this month of March, LeBron is having the best month of his career. He’s never averaged, in a month, more combined points assists and rebounds than he is this month. He also is going to win Eastern Conference Player of the Month every month of the year except for January.


– Because he’s going to win it again in March. He might average a triple-double again this month after going his entire career without averaging a triple-double until this past February. He’s been extraordinary. But if I had a vote, I think it definitely should be James Harden.