Jose Mourinho and fourth official Andre Marriner
Jose Mourinho and fourth official Andre Marriner / Getty Images

FIFA is to introduce a trial for yellow cards for managers and coaching staff, vice president Zvonimir Boban has told Sport Bild.

It is one of three changes being considered in testing at youth level, along with a modification to the goal-kick law that would no longer require the ball to leave the penalty area before it is touched by a teammate. The third would allow a substitute to leave the field anywhere on the pitch rather than at the halfway line.

“Currently, coaches are directly send to the stands. The yellow card signals that they must control their temper or otherwise they will be sent off next time,” Boban said, adding that they are hoping to guarantee a better flow of the match by changing the goal-kick rule.

“A goalkeeper no longer has to play the ball outside of the box,”

he said.
“When the opponent is pressing, and the teammate runs into the box to collect the ball, the goal kick will be taken. The keeper can pass to his teammate in the box and the opponent must wait outside until the player has touched the ball.”

The third trial affects the substitution rule, and players could be told by the referee to leave the pitch anywhere, with FIFA hoping to reduce time-wasting.

Meanwhile, German FA president Reinhard Grindel confirmed on Tuesday that “there will be calibrated offside lines at the World Cup” to reduce controversial reviews by the Video Assistant Referees (VAR).

A¬†report in Sport Bild¬†added that two special offside cameras will be used at every World Cup match, for exclusive use by the VAR and his three assistants — of which one will only look at offside positions.

The Bundesliga has chosen not to use calibrated offside lines this season, instead making offside reviews using video stills and the naked eye.