Smokin' hot! Elizabeth Hurley, 52, set pulses racing as she exhibited her toned and bronzed physique in a metallic gold bikini for a saucy Instagram snap on Thursday / Elizabeth Hurley / Instagram

She regularly showcases her sensational figure in skimpy bikinis.

And Elizabeth Hurley once again set pulses racing as she exhibited her toned and bronzed physique in a metallic gold bikini for a saucy Instagram snap on Thursday.

The actress, 52, appeared to be executing a yoga move as she lifted her bottom off the white sand – which in return put focus on her impossibly flat stomach.

Elizabeth looked in her element as she showed off her flexibility in the skimpy swimwear, while also topping up her tan.

Her lean legs and assets were on full display in the image, which she captioned: ‘And breathe in,’ before plugging her swimwear range ‘@elizabethhurleybeach #jessicabikini #elizabethhurleybeach.’

On Monday Elizabeth was again showing off her stunning figure as she took to the photo-sharing site to display her sensational physique.

The Royals star flaunted her ageless physique – complete with perky cleavage, trim stomach and slender legs – in a self-designed plunging swimsuit.

Elizabeth added to her catalogue of smouldering selfies with the image which displayed her svelte figure to perfection.

The plunging number saw her perky cleavage encased in a lace-up front while the high-rise top acted to lengthen her legs.

Ready for some aquatic fun, she held on to a pair of flippers and a snorkey alongside a pair of no doubt designer aviator sunglasses.

Her honeyed tresses were coiffed to perfection while she outlined her eyes with smouldering kohl to perfection.

She recently confessed her son Damian, 15, is mortified due her constant barrage of sexy selfies – which she regularly makes him take.

Yet Elizabeth was up to her usual tricks on Sunday, uploading one of her most risque snapshots to date, presumably taken by her son.

The actress was seen flashing her nipples in a completely sheer orange kaftan as she strikes a relaxed pose.

It is not known whether the man behind the lens is her son Damian – who she previously confessed takes most of her Instagram pictures plugging her swimwear line.

It was recently reported that Elizabeth’s son Damian had been pleading with the star to cover up as her sexy selfies are getting him teased by his friends.

A source told heat magazine: ‘Damian’s starting to get a lot of ribbing from friends. He’s at the age where everything his mum does is embarrassing, and he just can’t understand why she can’t cover up a bit more.

‘But Liz is extremely proud of her useful looks and she told him there’s nothing wrong with a woman her age being sexy.’

The insider also alleged that Elizabeth has joked she’ll ‘wear a nun’s habit to his parents’ evenings’ if he doesn’t stop complaining.

The reports come after Liz confessed that she often gets her son to take her bikini pictures when they holiday together.

The swimwear designer told The Sun: ‘[Damian] definitely takes some, but I do have other friends that I can torture for some too.’

She went on to explain on Watch What Happens Live: ‘When we’re on holiday together, sure he’ll take some pictures. And you know, he’s got a really good eye and he’s studying photography and it’s ridiculous.’

Elizabeth has divided her followers with her scanty ensembles in the past.

One recent snap of mother and son from Damian’s 16th birthday party showed the bikini designer wearing a sequinned dress with a very plunging neckline, prompting some followers to urge her to cover up.

‘Does he still breastfeed?’ one asked. ‘If not, cover them up. He is your teenage son.’

‘I’d be running around looking for eye bleach if my mum was dressed like this,’ one commented, while others branded her ‘tacky’ and ‘pathetic’.

But many fans supporting Liz, saying she looked fabulous and argued that the actress shouldn’t feel forced to dress a certain way just because she’s a mother.