Sophie Brussaux is currently starring in a real life hip-hop drama. But she once had hopes of TV fame.

The soap opera that is currently the life of Drake, 31, has taken another twist. It seems that his alleged baby mama Sophie Brussaux , 28, once had reality TV star hopes. But she didn’t want to appear on just any show. In 2012 the French model and former porn star appeared in the pilot for a series called, The Real Mistresses of Atlanta. Sophie starred in the show using the alias Rosee Divine, according to TMZ , which unearthed the amusing video. In the clip Sophie – or Rosee – introduces herself by saying, “My name is Rosee. I’m actually a French model. I’m 22-years-old. I was actually born in Paris.” It soon becomes clear why she is on the show. Sophie (sorry, Rosee) is filmed house hunting and at one point she takes a “private call” with an anonymous NBA player.

Drake / REX/Shutterstock

Given the title of the show, the implication is that this person is allegedly her lover. “I just found a condo,” she coos. “It’s on the 11 thfloor. It’s just so amazing. It’s 10 minutes away from downtown. It’s just so nice. So luxurious, everything.” The basketball star says in response, “Sounds good. Sounds good. That’s what we want, something real luxurious. Buy it. Anything for you.” Rosee then reveals if she has ever been a mistress. She says in a confessional, “Have I ever been involved with a married man before? I would say, unfortunately, yes. Because from the beginning I knew he was married. He told me about it but we were hanging out. We were having fun and there was just a really good connection between us.”

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If you haven’t seen The Real Mistresses of Atlanta on TV there’s a good reason. No networks picked it up. But, while reality TV star fame eluded Sophie, she is now front and center in the hip-hop battle between Drake and Pusha T, who dragged her into the rappers’ drama. And, even though Drake has denied allegations that he is the father of Sophie’s son , his rival referred to a “Sophie” as the Canadian’s “baby mother,” in his track, “The Story of Adidon.” Now that is a made for reality TV plot line.