A dog walks in live weather update
A dog named "Bella" crashed a live weather update Saturday in New Hampshire. / (WMUR-TV/YouTube)

It may not be the dog days of summer just yet, but that didn’t stop a pooch from making an appearance in a weather forecast Saturday.

WMUR Meteorologist Josh Judge was giving the forecast for New Hampshire early in the morning when a dog suddenly walked behind him live on air.

“So the ‘behind the scenes’ story is that I had no idea Amy had done a ‘take your dog to work day’.. so seeing her dog suddenly walk behind me this morning REALLY caught me off guard!” Judge posted to Facebook .

The dog, Bella, belonged to WMUR Weekend Anchor Amy Coveno.

“And this is why we don’t allow dogs in the studio…Thank you for rolling with it @joshjudgewmur,” she said on Twitter.

The surprise guest seemed to be a hit with viewers.

“Weather has gone to the dogs,” commented Nancy Makowski on Facebook.

“More dogs in the news and weather would be a sweet idea!” one viewer tweeted.

Another viewer, Meredith Briggs, wrote: “It was so refreshing and I had a seriously needed good laugh seeing Bella and Josh’s reaction. It was priceless. Do it again some time.”