The Sony Xperia Z3 is a great smartphone with a fast processor and a large battery, but like any complicated electronic device it can suffer from the odd problem. Some of those problems are caused by Android, and others are the result of using your device a lot. Let’s describe the common Xperia Z3 problems and how to fix them.

Xperia Z3 problem: Wi-Fi isn’t working properly

This one’s quite common not just on the Z3, but on Android devices generally. Many users have found that forgetting favorite networks and connecting to them again solves the problem, and we’d always recommend giving your router a reboot if the problems happen at home or at work: routers seem to go in a bad mood from time to time for no good reason, and a reboot makes them cheer up. If that doesn’t work, go into Settings and turn off Stamina mode: that’s been known to mess with Wi-Fi on occasion.

Xperia Z3 problem: it’s slow or laggy

Always make sure your Android and your apps are up to date, as poor performance is sometimes the result of old apps or of bugs that have since been fixed. If they are and you’re still encountering troubles, a hard reset (aka a factory reset) often solves the issue. Remember to backup anything important before performing a reset, as it clears the phone of everything bar Android updates.

When you’re trying to troubleshoot performance issues, it’s always worth restarting your Z3 in safe mode. That loads Android as normal, but it loads it without also loading third party apps. If your Z3 is rubbish in normal use and fantastic in Safe Mode, it’s pretty obvious that the problem is one of your apps. To put your Z3 into Safe Mode if your phone is off:

  • Press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons until the menu appears
  • Select Safe Mode and press Power to confirm
  • Wait a bit. You phone should now boot and you’ll see Safe Mode in the bottom left of the screen.

If your phone is on:

  • Press and hold the Power button
  • When the Power Options appear on screen, tap and hold Power Off
  • You should now see Reboot to Safe Mode. Tap OK

And that’s it.