Used Vehicle
Used Vehicle

Learn about checking used vehicles before buying and what is the documentation and procedure? How to find out how far the car has traveled miles, how to discover a good or bad engine, and where it is necessary to check the vehicle as well as what to pay attention to?

Checking used vehicles is a very important thing before you buy. How to buy as much as you want to buy your ideal used car – how to check used vehicles, how to identify a bad diesel engine, how to check the petrol engine, how to determine whether the mileage is returned and what do you need from the documentation?


Tips for buying a used car

Trouser Pockets
Trouser Pockets – Empty?

Due to the poor financial situation and poor payment power, people are often buying used cars. Buying a half car may or may not be a risk and a stressful experience.

If you are well informed in detail, it’s a great chance to buy a used car that will serve you long and decent.

To begin with, do not overly trust the seller because it is in his interest to get through better. Do not be disappointed if the car you liked does not appear on the spot the same as in the photos.

On the other hand, be aware of your budget and do not expect someone to sell a car below the price.

When buying a used car, into a budget that you have to make possible repairs and purchases of additional parts. No matter how good a car was, everyone is warmly recommended by the general after the purchase.

Ask yourself how much it will cost to register.

Regardless of the value and model, be sure not to buy a car that has collapsed a car accident that has been stolen, which is older than it is written in documents whose mileage is not genuine.

Watch the car in a day and watch it freely from all sides. If you suspect in your observation power, take a car mechanic in which you have the confidence to check the condition of the car.

Ideal if the car has a properly maintained service booklet. People also like to buy a car from the first owner, but practice has shown that these situations are rare.


Checking used vehicles in the police

The biggest nightmare for buyers is stolen used cars. The chassis number (the so-called VIN) is very important and in the situation of a stolen vehicle, sellers have the habit of falsifying the entire part where the chassis number is printed. Special attention should be paid to this and contact the official aid institutions.

The vehicle is legal if it satisfies the physical check of the number of chassis, engines and other identification marks. And of course, if an administrative check takes place to determine whether the car is stolen or not.

The documents also have to undergo a thorough check.


How to recognize a bad diesel engine

Bad Motor
Bad Motor?

After buying a reduced-mileage diesel, buyers spend a lot of money on pumps, turbines and new nozzles. Thus, it is better to buy a gasoline engine that has certainly crossed less than a diesel engine for which it can not be determined how much it has crossed.

When buying diesel, it is most important to start the engine at a temperature below zero. If the car is difficult to burn, it’s a bad sign.

Based on the color of the exhaust gases you can quite conclude in what condition the engine is. If the smoke is black, it means there is a problem with the fuel injection system. If the smoke is blue, it means that the engine is not in the best condition.

Crucial driving trips are important, in particular, with a hill. If a ride on the hill runs normally without problems in constant operation, it means everything is fine with the engine.


How to check the petrol engine

Trial driving is very important to determine the engine condition. The engine should work quietly, without sudden jerks and oscillations. Pay attention to the sound of the engine while driving. If you notice some unusual sound, watch to discover the source and cause of that sound.

Watch that the test drive takes a little longer because you will not find anything on the straight-run five-minute drive.

Before starting, it is desirable to check the condition of the oil. When starting the engine, observe the input of the oil check bar – blue is a bad signal.

If the engine is freshly washed, most likely the seller wants to hide somewhere leaking oil.

In one of the services, measure compression.

When you press the accelerator pedal and release it abruptly, the rises need to grow and fall gradually.

Pay attention to the engine connections. If the silicone is transparent on them, it means the engine is open.


How to find out if the mileage on the car is restored


If the used car for which you are interested is older and the mileage is small, it means generally only one – that mileage is intentionally reduced.

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to determine how accurate the mileage is reduced for almost all automotive brands (Renault is the exception).

To begin with, be sure of age and origin, or enter the history of a used car.

Is there a large deviation between the general condition of the car and the mileage indicated? In most cases it means the following: the car is more fatal, the mileage is higher. This also applies to the interior of the car, which is all the more exaggerated and worse, it’s an indication that the car has gone far enough.

Pay attention to the degree of wear and tear of the accelerator pedal, clutch and brake.

If the tire is new and the profile is worn, it means that the car has gone far enough. The age of the tire can be detected on the side (the first two digits show the week, and the next two years of production).

There are services for determining the return mileage.

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