Yes, she’s only 15 years old! Brynn Cartelli is out to win it all on season 14 of ‘The Voice.’ Before the big finale, here’s what you need to know about the talented Brynn!

1. Kelly Clarkson inspired her at just 4 years old. When Brynn auditioned for The Voice, Kelly was the first coach to turn her chair. The Longmeadow, Massachusetts, native gushed that she’s loved Kelly since she was 4 years old! Even though Blake Shelton turned his chair for Brynn, the then 14-year-old couldn’t help but pick Kelly to be her coach for the season! During a recent episode, Kelly gushed that she’s “constantly just shocked by” Brynn. “You have the craziest, like, eclectic taste in music, and you nail all of it. And that is a blessing, Brynn.”

2. She auditioned for The Voice before! Brynn reportedly made it to the blind auditions for season 13, according to Idol Chatter . However, no one turned their chair for her that time around. Just one year later, Brynn’s in the finals for season 14! Talk about coming full circle on The Voice!

3. She wants to be a voice for her generation. Brynn doesn’t want the fame from being a single. She wants to use her voice for change. “Being on The Voice, I have a voice,” Brynn said during a taped portion of the show. “I’m speaking for my generation, and that’s huge. It’s a tough time in the world. Everyone deserves love.”

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4. She’s already recorded two original songs. Brynn recorded two original songs when she was only 12 years old — “Pink Sky” and “Future of Us.” They are posted on her YouTube channel.

5. She also plays sports! When she’s not slaying on stage, Brynn’s on the field playing lacrosse! The girl can do anything!