Beyonce on Coachella
Beyonce on Coachella

The fans of Beyoncé (36) were “crazy with excitement” after they noticed that the singer had a rounded stomach at the last concert. The fans are convinced that Beyoncé is pregnant with the fourth child.



The source allegedly confirmed this story and said that the singer was shocked that she was pregnant so quickly after the birth of twins, but also she was happy. It seems that the fans are convinced that Beyonce deliberately chooses costumes that mask the stomach so that as long as possible the pregnancy remains a secret.


At a concert in the United Kingdom, Beyonce wore a long tunic under which a rounded belly appeared.

Last year, the singer announced in February that she was pregnant with twins. She posted a good news on the social network, and now everyone is watching her profiles on social networks and eagerly awaiting the official confirmation of her new pregnancy.


Beyoncé and Jay Z have three children, daughter of Blu Ivey (6) and one-year twins of Rumi and Sir Carter. They hired a ‘whole army’ of nanny for them. Each twin keeps three nannies working in shifts of eight hours while the older daughter Blu Ivey has two nannies. All nannies are housed in a villa in California and each has a salary of one hundred thousand dollars a year.

The famous married couple is currently on a joint tour called ‘On The Run II’. They are performing in Europe, and recently there was information that their concert halls were half-empty due to expensive tickets and many divisions.

At one of the concerts, Beyoncé and Jay-Z complimented to restore marriage vows on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of marriage.