Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo - Mechanics of Emotions

Alfa Romeo is a very clear Italian car brand. It’s often said that these are cars that the drivers either like or dislike and that there is no level between them. Here you will find out all about the car for the selected – Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Alfa romeo giulietta

Alfa Romeo Guilleta
Alfa Romeo Guilleta

Eight years ago, Alfa Romeo launched a new treat for its fans of “Alfa Romeo Giulietta”.

The new Giulietta was created as an attempt to re-launch the Giuliano Giotetta 147 in the big style in the 25 years since the launch of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta 147.

The latest model, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta 940, was first presented at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The reactions were, guess, divided. James News gives you brief report on this topic!


Alfa romeo giulietta competition

Nobody argued that it was a very charming car, an exterior and an interior that could envy, but it challenged the position of the Alfa Romeo Giuliette in competition with its main competitor, the German Volkswagen.

Nevertheless, it did not stop in 2011 to take second place on the prestigious European Auto of the Year.

Giulietta will not be the choice of those who seek an equal parade with German brands. It is a simple choice for those who enjoy a comfortable and elegant ride.


Design of the future?

Alfa Romeo Design
Alfa Romeo Design

What’s more, it seems that time and trends seem to work for the benefit of Alfa Romeo.

As it becomes indisputable in the car market that everybody is dedicated and responsible, the manufacturer can deliver a high quality car, more and more attention is beginning to take on design.

This is already a sphere where the Italians have something to say.

Alfa Romeo, like a woman, is chosen by heart and nothing else!

Aware of the way the world’s automotive industry is going and the benefits it could derive from the Italian style and commitment to detail, it happened even that Volkswagen itself tried to buy Alfa Romeo at some point.

To their grief, in 2010, this attempt was ended unscrupulously.


Step forward

However, the ambitions of the Alliance’s front-runners Fiat Cruzler (which is a subsidiary of Alfa Romeo) remain high.

They continue to compete with the most dangerous competitors like BMW, Merzedes or VW cars. Whether that’s possible time will show. Just to be aware that the key cars for this race are still: Giulia, Duetto and Alfetta.

While working on them, they also perfected Giulietta himself. In 2014 and 2016, they released improved models that at first seem to work the same.

Of course, this time the essence was in detail.

The steering wheel works for the “sporty” shade, Uconnect is inserted as well as the new turbo diesel engine. The color screen gives you more options to combine colors for the interior and exterior and a couple of additional details that contribute to the theory that Giulietta went to “facelifting”.

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As usual, the interior remains striking and can be described briefly as the pinnacle of sporting elegance.


Geneva Motor Show

At the recent prestigious Geneva Motor Show, Giulietta glittered again with two more Alfa Romeo MiTo and Alfa Romeo Giulia models.

Although Alfa Romeo Giulia was expected to pick up all the glory, both cars stood “side by side”.

The latest models offer the opportunity to drive at the same time a car that is as sporty as family and make this car all blend and offers enjoyment for different things.

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Giulietta is typically Italian also when it comes to management. The ride is light, comfortable and relaxing even on long distances.

And in case you are a little more prone to a quick ride, on the open road you will need less than 8 seconds to reach a speed of 100 km / h.

The acceleration that can be achieved and the temperament that can be in the driving, makes Giulietta a real driving challenge.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta price

The renovated Giulietta also raised the price at which this great car could be owned.

The price moves in the range of BMW cars, which only proves that this car must go only and exclusively into the hands of a real lover.

Or, as they say on the portal “Alfa Romeo, like a woman, is chosen by heart and nothing else!”


Five stars on Euro Ncap

Alfa Romeo Euro Ncap
Alfa Romeo Euro Ncap

Euro NCAP is an abbreviation of the European New Car Assessment Program, a program aimed at assessing the safety of new cars entering the market.

Testing under this rather rigorous program is not mandatory even though car manufacturers are largely inclined to send their pets to this test.

That’s how Giulietta found the safety test and placed it with the highest ratings that made her the “safest compact car” title.


Should you buy car Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Alfa Romeo Inside
Alfa Romeo Inside

Is it worth investing in a good deal of money in this car?

Of course! Especially if you buy by the heart and the feeling you have when you sit behind the wheel of this Italian delicacy.

First of all, because the new versions of Giuliette are made so that the driver feels like a real king.

In order to make the atmosphere complete and the driver calm and relaxed, do not forget to get the most favorable comprehensive coverage insurance for this valuable car.

And by the way, remember that Alfa Romeo cars are largely explained by the term “meccanica delle emozioni” or “emotion mechanics”.