Richie Incognito
Richie Incognito / Getty Images

Richie Incognito wants out of the contract he just signed last month.

Incognito, who re-did his deal with the Bills on March 15, only to say he was firing his agents and then say he was retiring, now says he wants the Bills to cut him.

“Please release me from my contract,” Incognito wrote on Twitter, in a message directed at the Bills. “Contact Athletes First for further updates. Thank you for your service.”

That he’s telling the Bills to contact Athletes First is odd, given that he fired them as his agents over Twitter 10 days ago.

What seems to have happened is that Athletes First negotiated a new contract for Incognito, he now wishes he hadn’t signed that contract, he knows he can’t get out of the contract by retiring because then he’d have to pay back his signing bonus, and now he wants the Bills to cut him so he doesn’t have to pay his signing bonus.

If the Bills don’t grant his wish, Incognito can un-retire and show up to the Bills’ offseason program, which starts tomorrow. Things could get even more interesting then.