Your smartphone is no longer just a device that allows you to call and connect with other people via WhatsApp. There are many possible ways to customize on Android and the new software versions along with the development of the technology have introduced some new interesting goodies. No matter which way you use your device, don’t forget to activate these three features, they’ll make your life easier!

Google Assistant

Use your voice, and not just to send voice messages on WhatsApp. Activating Google Assistant will make life easier because you can rely on Google’s digital assistant at any time, by asking a simple question, without even having to touch the device. So for example you can even use it while you’re driving.

You can ask the Assistant for advice on restaurants and hotels, information on public transport, weather forecasts, the commitments you have saved in your calendar, or even ask questions about your favorite TV characters, athletes, recipes, and so on. You can even ask the Assistant to tell you a joke. And if you’ve already started making your home smart, you can even ask it to play Netflix on the TV in the living room or to adjust the light in the bedroom.

In order to activate it you will need to have Lollipop or a later operating system that is equipped with at least 1.5 GB of RAM. Just press down on the home button for a few seconds and the Assistant will wake up.

Smart Lock

This is in my opinion of one the most interesting features, although it’s often underestimated or completely ignored. Smart Lock will save you time by unlocking your smartphone’s lock screen whenever you find yourself in a specific situation: when the device is in contact with your body, when you get home or to the office, or when you have your smartwatch on your wrist. You can also take advantage of voice or face recognition to unlock the device in no time.