Airplane - How to make it even better?

If you are a travel lover, you will be pleased with what airlines have designed to give you the ultimate pleasure in your flights.


Top design

Bathroom in the airplane
Bathroom in the airplane

If you are looking for a top design, then you need to see the Finer Airbus A350, which flies from Helsinki to Beijing, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Dishes and textiles that were designed by the iconic Finnish design company “Marimeko” give the business class a special Nordic touch.

For a special mood, LED bulbs are specifically changed to suit the time of the day, the destination or the season.

A special filtering system, refreshes air and cabins every few minutes.

Women will be very pleased to be satisfied with the special corner of stuffy cosmetics and other necessities.


Seats like rooms

Comfort seats
Comfort is included!

ANA is the first Japanese airline to offer seating-based aircraft that are mutually sculpted to resemble small separate rooms with 50 percent more space than usual.

You will certainly not be bored with more than 300 programs, movies, music, and games on the LCD monitor.

Business class users can enjoy the kitchen chefs from restaurants that are rewarded with Michelin stars.


Private Chauffeur

Private Chauffeur
Private Chauffeur

Who would not like to have a private chauffeur to the airport and back? Emirates offer this service in 70 cities around the world, for business and first class travelers.

A sweater can drive you to a hotel, a favorite restaurant, or a business. After you engage in the first class, you can close the door and enjoy the privacy, which is completed by the minibar, a mirror with a mirror for arranging.

There is also a spa with shower and Bvlgari products. In the evening you can reach the bar where canapés and champagne are served.


Superb local cuisine

Superb local cuisine
Superb local cuisine

Fiji Airways offers travelers a culinary perfection prepared by the famous boss of Lanzarote.

In order to present to you their culture and gastronomy, even before touching the ground, authentic dishes, including Indian, Chinese and British cuisine, will be served.

The interior of the business class is decorated with Fijian art, which was manually made by local residents.


Pajamas and bed

If you have a lot of torture when you try to sleep in a business suit, you will be very grateful for the idea of ​​air company Kvantas.

Passengers of first class get 100% cotton pajamas in two parts with black kangaroos, slippers, socks, eye mask and skin care kit and hygiene.

If you are fighting with a special person, you will be pleased that the seats can be turned into a flat, spacious bed, where you can sleep or play cards together.

When it’s time for a meal, the sommelier can help you to fit in with eight types of dishes.


Lobster, lamb and champagne

Lux Cousine
Lux Cousine

Another airline that offers the services of its top chef Daniel Bold is Er Frans.

You will enjoy national dishes such as an Atlantic lobster, a provincial lamb, a sea bass with a vine. Offer wine and champagne is renewed every two months.

After a meal you can sneak into your double bed, with an anthem mattress and a blanket of pure wool.


Ecology is the most important

Ecology and sustainability are something we all ought to care about.

Airline KLM has brought it to a special level by equipping the business class with carpets that are bumped from recycled airborne clothing.

In addition to being of ecological materials, it was created by the famous designer Hela Jongerius. You can also close your private space with peace of mind, fun, or relaxation. Meals prepared by top chefs are implied.


Exclusive seats

Exclusive Interior
Exclusive Interior

Exclusive seats on the A380 Singapore Airlines Airlines offer you a set of luxury brands Salvator Fergamo.

The airplane has 12 luxury seats that are completely private. Large and customizable tables can be transformed into a business office, meeting room or meal room.

In addition to the seat, your small apartment has a chair, a storage place, and a wardrobe for coats. Seats can be turned into a bed, and if you travel with a close person, two beds can be cast into a French bed.


Luxury for tall ones

Luxury for everyone

Tall people will finally be able to enjoy long flights thanks to Er New Zealand.

Leather armchairs that can be turned into a double-footed bed provide quiet comfortable dreams. Peter Gordon, the famous London boss, will bring you lamb and game through new innovative recipes.

Children are provided with entertainment in the playhouse, which abounds in books, toys and everything that is necessary for children to be interested in.


Top wines on the plane

LAN for wine lovers has an offer that you will not be able to refuse.

Hector Vergara, a South American sommelier, has been creating an award-winning wine ticket for this company for two decades. Every year, he among the 600 wine types chooses the top 30, in which he will have the opportunity to enjoy first class passengers.

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While enjoying the wine, more than 1,300 movies, TV programs, music and games are available. Large windows on Avon offer exceptional views, and seats include back massages.

Wherever you travel, do not forget to provide travel health insurance.